Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tacoma Minus The Aroma

The City of Destiny

From Infinite Soups to MSM Deli,
I dream of these foods gettin' in my belly.

Jefferson Park in the summer is bomb,
Point Defiance Zoo I love all year long.

Pac Ave offers lots of strange things to see,
At night its not necessarily where you want to be.

West End Pub on Proctor and 6th,
Their Onions rings and buffalo sauce are a lovely mix.

Mandolin, Metronome, Starbucks and Forza,
Make Tacoma Caffienation easy and simple for ya.

Tacoma Boys' chips and salsa (the samples are free),
Pho Than Brothers in Parkland is where Gavin likes to be.

Teriyaki is endless, but "A Top" is the best,
Thai on every corner, Wild Orchid I'll ingest.

Ruston Way is lovely and great to people watch,
Katie Downs, The Ram or Dukes take summer dining up a notch.

East Side, Hilltop, Parkland, and U.P.
Fircrest, North End and Stadium are lovely.

We eat our way through the city, growing as we do,
Chambers Bay is good for burning calories, we need to go there too.

Though cloudy far too long and gray for many days,
A sunny day in Tacoma can't be beat in any ways.

A very fitting name, it's called the City of Destiny,
The aroma no longer lingers, and that always blesses me.


  1. I LOVE that you posted one about Tacoma...

  2. shout out to A Top -- finally someone who agrees with me

  3. YAY!!! TACOMA!!! Love it, Patty. Have you tried Caffe Dei yet? Their Picante Mocha is AMAZING. Best cup of coffee I've ever had. I love exercising at Chambers! We LOVE Pho but haven't tried Pho Than Brothers. (I don't understand the name??) Can't wait to try it! You have me craving A Top, too. It's where Duke and I met!! :) ~ Amy

  4. Can't wait for the Salinas Slam :) There HAS to be joy to shot out about