Friday, April 29, 2011

Using Blogging For Good, Not Evil

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend/former college housemate/fellow blogger/member of the jelly-bracelet posse, Carina posed a challenge on her blog to do something simple and help out our fellow-man by baking and giving out the goods to someone in need. Easy, huh? I thought this would be a fun and great way for my kids and I to step outside of ourselves, gain some perspective on how good we have it, honor Jesus and have a little fun baking at the same time.

This morning we cooked up our first "Bakin' It To The Streets" batch of cookies (Peanut-Butter, Chocolate-Chunk) and bagged them up and are heading out this evening when Gavin comes home to pass them out to a handful of homeless in our city. I'm excited! Noelle is nervous. We'll see how it goes! Thanks to Carina for the fun idea! We'll be doing this every month if you ever care to join us... :-)

Also, Carina's husband is participating in a hunger-walk this weekend. He's SUPER close to his fundraising goal. If you wanna donate $5 to the cause, click here. It is easy and fast, I promise. I did it!

Look at this cute little baker...

I'm 65% sure that he washed his hands...

This was when he looked directly at me, snot running out of his nose and burped...what a lovely boy...

I kinda like her...

I promise, I didn't eat any. Day 3 of non-Lent, Lent for me! :-)


  1. So happy right now :) I bet your kids will last longer than mine did.

  2. That's a great idea. We used to always tell my parents that we should collect shoes and throw them over the sides of overpasses in Seattle. A little bit mean sounding, but I promise, it was a purely-giving thought! :)

  3. You could always take them to Dorthy's Kitchen for Dinner. They love sweets their.