Friday, May 6, 2011

The Booger On The Wall

As I was in the shower yesterday, I spotted something on the bathroom wall. Yup, it was a booger and I was not the one who had put it there. Also, I was pretty sure that the kids hadn't placed it there, since they usually bathe in their own bathroom and don't have a habit of blowing there noses while bathing. Hmm...that left only one person. I used to get upset after finding boogers on the shower wall - taking it personally, as disrespect for the one who actually cleans the But then, Gavin and I came to an agreement about the boogers on the wall: If I find a booger in the shower, Gavin gets to clean the shower and I'm released from the shower cleaning duty. So, having spotted the booger on the wall yesterday, I was actually happy and caught myself smiling while staring at the nasty booger and simultaneously rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. Picturing Gavin scrubbing the shower down and wiping boogers off of the wall was a gift and brightened my day. It's things like these that make our marriage happy and successful!

This month, we will be celebrating 11 years of marriage! This may sound braggy, but we really do have a great marriage. We definitely have our moments, but overall we are blissfully happy and it gets better with every year.

There is lots of good advice about marriage that we follow and that you've probably heard before, like; Keep short accounts, keep Christ in the center, don't go to bed angry, be affectionate, etc. I thought I would share a few of the "Brem" things that make our marriage the rule about the boogers.

If you want to be like The Brem's then you should:

*Have a vacation/celebration dance. The moment our vacation starts we dance around whatever room we are in and sing a little ditty that goes, "We're on vacay-shon, We're on vacay-shon, We're on vacay-shon" over and over until we feel satisfied. Those words can be substituted with "We got a ray-aise, We got a ray-aise, We got a ray-aise" or "No more crazy land-lady, No more crazy land-lady, No more crazy land-lady". Do this to celebrate anything and make sure your kids join in too!

*Celebrate A LOT. We celebrate everything possible. Birthdays, lost teeth, 1st day of school, last day of school, report cards, paying off debts, moving away from crazy landlords, cars miraculously getting healed of transmission issues, friends coming to visit, three day weekends, having all of the laundry done at the same time...

*Marry someone funny. We laugh a lot. And we really enjoy trying to make the other person laugh. And we laugh a lot at ourselves, at our kids, at TV shows and with friends. Sometimes, I even make myself laugh. I'm still laughing at that one time when Gavin forgot my birthday! Boy, he's hilarious! He's still laughing at that time when I sobbed while watching Steve Carrel's last episode on The Office. See, we are F-U-N-N-Y!

*Don't have designated sides of the bed. I don't know why, but we just don't. Sleep on whatever side you want. Works for us!

*Have a mutual distaste for having a dog, but do it anyway for the love of your children.

*Dream and talk a lot about the future and all of the places you want to go and food you want to eat. And eat a lot of good food. And dream about eating a lot of good food. And watch TV shows about good food. And eat a lot of good food when you go to baseball games. And fairs. And restaurants. And theme parks. And go to a lot of theme parks.

*Feel free to pee with the door open, but for heaven's sake, always poop in private!

Works for us! Happy 11th anniversary Gavin! Can't wait for the next 11 years and that clean shower! :-)

Look at us...just BABIES!!! Sigh...

P.S. - When Gavin forgot my birthday, it was ONLY in the morning for like 30 minutes. He felt horrible because I had gotten up and gotten the kids ready, made breakfast etc. And he spent the rest of the day making up for it. He is an amazing husband with a great sense of humor - obviously, since he's letting me tell these stories about him! The most compassionate, kind, patient and generous man I've ever met. After 13 years of being together, I'm happy to report that I haven't met a man yet that even compares to him. His integrity and character are unmatchable. Can't believe he picked me. :-)


  1. LOVE it! Happiness is a choice & you guys choose it every day! Congrats on 11 years!!!

  2. Patty & Gavin- Many congrats on your anniversary and happy family. Can't remember where I saw a link up to your blog, but it has been fun to "spy" on you guys a bit and know you are well. I had to leave a comment here because you are the ONLY other people I know who don't have certain sides of the bed. We have always had that rule and people think it is crazy. I'm glad you think it contributes to a good marriage...we're sticking with the rule too. ;) Blessings-Jessica (Baker) Petkun