Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christmas 2009

2009 was a rough year for the Brem's. We had recently moved to another state, went without work for a couple of months, landed a new (awesome) job, left all of our friends and began renting a house in California from an insane landlady. Christmas in 2009 was planned very carefully.

Fast-forward to 2011. It is nearly June of 2011 and I am finally about to reap the benefits of the 2009 Christmas gift given to each other between Gavin and me - tickets to see U2. You see, Bono (the front man of U2) went into back surgery just weeks before our chance to originally see him. Thankfully, I am a girl with a great sense of humor and can see the hilarity of this. But I am also a girl who prays diligently and am praying that nothing happens to Bono (or any other band member at this point) between now and June 6thish. It has taken nearly two years to realize the only gift we gave each other for Christmas in 2009. Don't mess it up U2, por favor?

I may be feeling a little cynical/uninspired this last week...

Maybe it was the time this week when I went to help my sister carry the baby and the pizza to Noelle's softball game and turned my back for a second and discovered Jude peeing on a tree for all to see and I embarrassedly tried to brush off Gavin shouting at me from the field to look at Jude along with the looks of all of the parents pretending not to notice?

Maybe it was the time this week when I went to kiss my kids goodnight - individually- and they both ripped a big toot when I kissed them?

OR, maybe it was the time when Jude politely asked me if I wanted one of the ice cream treats stored in the freezer while I was gardening and when I said "no" he proceeded to eat the remaining treats without permission?

I love my kids.

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  1. At least he was peeing on the tree and not facing the crowd. It could always be worse...