Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Facts

I'm pretty sure that David Letterman used to do a segment on his show called "Fun Facts" where he rattled off a bunch of stuff that may or may not be true. It was pretty funny, except that sometimes I didn't really know whether the fact he was sharing was real or not, so I often was left feeling more confused (dumb) than actually laughing. Once, I went to New York and actually got to see a Late Show taping - I think its funnier on television, just so ya know. He didn't do the "Fun Facts" segment when I was there though...and Dave was kind of a jerk.

Today, I'm introducing some Fun Facts from the recent days in the Brem household!
I know, you are dying to learn them...

Fun Fact #1: Dumping the correct amount of salt into a neti-pot is a delicate balance. Too much = a feeling of a fire burning the insides of your sinuses up. Too little = a feeling of drowning yourself while standing over your sink in the bathroom. I suppose I could actually measure the salt before dumping it in, but where's the fun in that?

Fun Fact #2: While in a silent moment of prayer during a meeting, Jude WILL walk into a room and burp out loud. It's inevitable.

Fun Fact #3: Bindi has magical powers. She was locked in her kennel in the garage at bedtime last night, and was discovered this morning inside of the house waiting to be let outside by the back door. Somehow, she opened her kennel AND the door leading from the garage into the house. It's just magic, I guess.

Fun Fact #4: I really, really stink at Fantasy Baseball. And I'm actually trying to be good at it. I'm in 10th place in our league (out of 10) and am getting beat by people who don't even log-in to check on their team. Good thing baseball lasts until October...I may need that long to figure this crap out.

Fun Fact #5: It is really fun to talk baseball and actually know something. Plus, Gavin thinks I'm the best wife ever.

Fun Fact #6: When someone says, "Those are interesting shoes you're wearing." what they really mean is "Those shoes are dang ugly and I just wanted to point that out to you." Yep, I had that happen this week. I still LOVE my shoes. (Plus, I got WAY more compliments on them than "interesting" comments - of which, I only had one.)

Fun Fact #7: My kid is OBSESSED with the Queen of Diamonds. You know, from a deck of cards? He saw something about it on a movie called "Looney Toons Back In Action" and now wants to sleep with the Queen of Diamonds from his deck of cards lying next to him. I don't get it. Anyone?

Fun Fact #8: Sometimes, my treadmill gets stuck on an incline and I don't know it. I was running today thinking, "I must be SO out of shape. It feels like I'm running up a hill and I'm running on a flat treadmill. Oh my goodness! What has happened to me? Am I old? My legs feel like they weigh a ton!" And then I realized it was on an incline. I'm real quick like that.

Fun Fact #9: The day I announced that I was giving up sweets for my non-Lent, Lent Gavin forgot and went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of ice cream. We roll like that. (I haven't had any!)

Fun Fact #10: Watching the Royal wedding AND watching "The King's Speech" in the same day make you feel like an expert in all things English for about 24 hours. Then you realize how much time you spent in front of a TV in one day and feel embarrassed and dumb.

Aren't you all so glad you have me to teach you all of these Fun Facts? I know you are...

Here's an iphone pic of Jude sleeping with the Queen of Diamonds...I don't know if I should be mad/confused/happy/laughing contently...

And here is a photo from 2008 from my trip to New York with my college roommates waiting to get into the Late Show. (Rachel - thanks for taking the photo, but dangit, I wish you were in it!)


  1. Holly-Kate FossMay 2, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    Hi, I love that you posted a picture of us at David Letterman. Oh, how I need a trip/vacation/girl time!

  2. That's sad that Dave was a jerk. It's always disappointing when you find out someone's not nice.

    Also, what's up with boys & burping? I never thought I'd be someone who believes that boys & girls just come wired differently, but man... all evidence in our fam leads me that way!

    The Queen of Diamonds... that is priceless!