Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haiku Slam

Last Thursday I put out an A.P.B. looking for ideas for the Poetry Slam and I got lots of great ideas. Feeling a rush of inspiration, I couldn't wait to bust out the Poetry Slam this week. I even added a few of my own ideas to the list.

I'm so daring and adventurous that I waded into the world of Haiku this morning. I know, I know - We really walk on the wild side here in the Brem household! Don't worry, I'll reel it back in for next week...unless the adrenaline rush from all of these Haiku's is still running...

(Thanks for the idea Amy C!)

Lettuce fields galore
Tacos on every corner
Mild temps all year long

My iphone

Apps for everything
I don't want life without you
Apple stole my heart

Dave Ramsey
(Thanks for the idea Erin!)

Live like no one else
Debt snowball saving our buns
Credit cards paid off!

(Thanks Maria!)

Hot dog scent wafting
Too many rolls of T.P.
Where do I store it?

Jillian Michaels
(Thanks again, Erin!)

Rock hard abs and glutes
30 day shred makes me sweat
Puddles on the floor

The Sandwich I Made For Lunch Yesterday

Peppers and mushrooms
Turkey and Havarti cheese
Making mouth water

Our Subaru

Little Red Rocket
Gavin looks like a giant
Driving forever

Last place in my league
Husband thinks I'm the greatest
Pitching really sucks

Wow! I'm so energized from all of that crazy Haiku writing. Maybe I'll try something really daring and attempt to weed the garden! Happy Poetry Slam Thursday!


  1. Hurray for Poetry Slam Thursday!

  2. Love it! Dave Ramsey's kickin' our butts in gear too. I have Jillian's 30 day shred. I need to do something about it though =) I did it once and didn't make it through. I've been apprehensive ever since. But seeing as how I've signed on for the half marathon again, and AdvoCare's got me in better shape nutritionally and energy-wise, I guess I should pump up the intensity and give it another shot. =)