Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspired By Reality TV

Gav is traveling for work in the Pacific Northwest right now and comes home today! Yippee!

Sometimes when he's gone, I get bored and do things that I wouldn't normally do. Once, I shampooed the carpets and one time he came home to a freshly painted dining room. I usually take the time that he's gone to tackle projects and things that I probably wouldn't do while he was home. Often, I'll take that time to rearrange, organize and purge things. Poor Gavin comes home and has to repeatedly ask me where things are (sometimes they've already been donated to the Goodwill - oops!). He's a lucky guy!

Last night I was inspired by watching a little too much "reality" tv on Bravo (my weakness). I noticed how nicely groomed all of the eyebrows were on that network. The kind of nicely groomed eyebrows that I've only had once or twice when I've actually taken the time to have them professionally waxed. I have pretty thin eyebrows with lots of little "strays" that I groom with tweezers when I'm annoyed enough by the "strays" to care. I really hate tweezing because it takes to long and I get bored. Last night, I was inspired by the Bravo eyebrows, and wondered if Target would have some kind of self-waxing kit. Hey, I was bored and avoiding dishes and laundry - no judging. Sure enough, they make such a thing!

So, I embarked on my adventure for the evening. Like I said, I've had my eyebrows waxed a couple of times, so I knew it wasn't going to feel good, but I wasn't confident that I would have the nerve to rip hair out of my own face, rather than let a cute little lady do it for me like the previous times. It wasn't so bad! Or maybe I'm tougher than I thought? Or maybe I'm an idiot? Either way, it wasn't awful. And I think my eyebrows look great - not that anyone else would notice, since they are almost nonexistent anyway. But I notice, and I like 'em!

See, reality TV isn't totally worthless. I successfully avoided housework, embarked on a little adventure AND waxed my eyebrows all thanks to reality TV. Now, let's see if I can get all of that avoided housework done before Gav gets home from his trip this evening...

For those who might care, this was the kit I used and it was only $6.50 AND I'll probably get two full uses out of it. Bought it at Target!

The End. :-)

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