Monday, May 16, 2011


We have a friend who's "pet-peeve" is when people use the word "literally" inappropriately. For example, "I'm so hungry I could literally eat a an entire horse" or "I literally almost died laughing" which of course, no one could really eat an entire horse and I'm not aware of anyone on record dying of laughing (although, I could be wrong). The one our friend especially hated had something to do with a pastor friend saying something along the lines of "liquid fire literally falling from the sky". Ever since we had that "pet-peeve" conversation, I've been much more aware of how I use the word "literally". Sometimes though, I still say that I'm so hungry that I'm literally starving or that I literally almost peed my pants from laughing, so his pleas for people to stop using the word inappropriately apparently didn't completely work on me.

Jude tends to take things literally and it is often hilarious when he does. Yesterday, Gavin was leading worship for our high school service at church and Noelle and Jude ended up joining us rather than being in their normal Sunday school class. The words to the songs were projected onto the wall so everyone could read them (remember how Jude is a genius and reads amazingly well for a 6 year old?) and Jude and Noelle were singing along. On one of the songs that Gavin was singing, the lyrics said;

"Oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, I can't forget about it (Repeat)"

And as everyone sang along, Jude sang along loudly and yelled out "Repeat" every single time we sang that particular line...which was about 6 or 7 times. I would fully expect a freshman boy to do that and find it funny, but my 6-year old truly and hilariously thought that we were all forgetting to say "repeat" along with the song. I was "literally" dying laughing while we were singing.

This afternoon, after much anticipation, Gavin, Noelle and Jude completed some impossible feat on the Wii game "Star Wars Legos" (which I hate and would rather torture myself in a million ways than be forced to play). As soon as they had completed their task, there was much joy/dancing/jumping/yelling in our household that I heard from a room away. I heard Jude yell, "We defeated the bad guy Daddy!" and then I heard him repeatedly yell, "High stomach Daddy! High stomach Daddy!" of which I had no idea of what he was talking about. Then it hit me: high-five = slapping hands, high-stomach = chest bump. Jude wanted to chest bump Gavin. Thankfully, Gavin was clued-in pretty quick and gave Jude the high-stomach he was looking for. I "literally" teared-up as I giggled.

My heart "literally" melts when I look at this face.
(Okay, maybe the joke isn't funny anymore, sue me...)

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  1. Now every time I hear "literally" I hear Rob Lowe's character on Parks and Recreation saying it.