Friday, May 20, 2011

My Amazing Bathrobe - The Slam

My Amazing Bathrobe

My bathrobe is so warm and fluffy,
Who cares if it makes me look puffy?

It used to be white, but now sorta gray,
I wish I could wear it all day, every day.

It keeps me warm as I drag out of bed,
It's not terribly cute, my husband has said.

"Kinda gross" his actual words may be,
I don't really think it's that ugly.

If I wear it too long, I do start to sweat,
A blanket with sleeves makes my armpits wet.

On a cold morning it's the perfect thing,
It's cozy softness makes my heart sing.

I throw it in the washer every now and then,
Praying the white will return and the softness stays within.

Once, I wore it drop the kids of at school,
I knew as a Mom that it wasn't cool.

It might soon be time for us to part,
When that day comes it will break my heart.

To think of waking up without my blanket with sleeves,
I already begin to dread that day when my heart grieves.

Cozy, dingy, gray, warm, sweaty and old,
Soft, fuzzy, ugly, puffy and keeps me from being cold.

I care that my husband looks and thinks, "yucky",
I'll find a cute robe replacement someday if I'm lucky.


  1. Funny. I love my bathrobe's green with white polka-dots, knee length. There are some super cute ones out there.

  2. i had an awesome bathrobe, got it in junior high, i think... i'm sure you saw it. in fact, yes, you lived with it for awhile. (lucky duck!) carried me through until about a year ago when jimmy threw it in the garbage...ha! :)

  3. Rachel, I told Gavin that Jimmy threw your robe away. I think I may have accidentally given him an idea.
    Maria, I'll keep my eyes open for a cute one that is as cozy as mine - might be impossible!

  4. Great poem about your beloved bathrobe! I totally understand. :-)