Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sleep Twitcher

So....Gavin punched me in the face...again. I still haven't come to grips with the fact that I married a "sleep twitcher". In the eleven years that we've been married, Gav has "sleep-punched" me four times. Twice it's been in my nose and twice it's been in my eye (I think the nose is worse) and I didn't even cry this time like I did with the other 3 times. Yay for me! (Still, BOO for punching your wife while you sleep!)

Imagine being deep in REM, peacefully snoozing away when "POW!!!" - you are suddenly awakened by a hit in the face...welcome to my world. Gavin is a sleep-twitcher gone awry and it sometimes manifests in a punch to my face. And Gavin wonders why I have a hard time falling asleep without tuning-out to a TV show on

When we were first married, I had a really difficult time sleeping in the same bed as Gavin. In fact, I would lay awake stirring in anger as he peacefully twitched every single part of his body in succession approximately every 15.5 seconds. Then I would wake him up and snark at him to stop twitching. This totally worked, obviously.

The first time he sleep-punched me, we were staying the night at his sweet Aunt Chris's house on a trip to be on the Price Is Right and a visit to Magic Mountain in our first year of marriage. Being newly married AND on vacation, I bawled my eyes out in complete shock (and pain!) at 4 in the morning. The two other times are kind of a blur (is that a coincidence?), and then the recent punch in the eye forced me to wake Gavin up, annoyingly tell him that he punched me AGAIN and then I promptly fell back asleep for a couple more hours. I think I may be (finally) getting used to being married to him. :-)

It takes a strong woman to survive sleeping next to this dude...

Love you babe! Maybe you're just paying me back for that one time when I was trying to toss the remote control and hit you in the butt and accidentally whacked you in the head? I have bad aim...

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