Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Morning's Screenplay

Jude is notorious for waking-up at ungodly hours early in the morning and ready to begin his day. The rest of us in the Brem family do not possess this skill. In fact, Noelle is currently asleep as I write this. Now, we aren't bums and we get up early - just not ungodly early and sleeping in would probably be classified somewhere between 7:45 and 8 AM these days.

This morning at "ungodly early o'clock" Jude walked into my room and asked if he could watch a tv show. Usually, I would probably say yes and drag myself out of bed in the next few minutes, or so. But, the Brem family has been inspired and is taking a break from the tv - which I am loving and so pleased with - except for at the moment at the break of dawn that Jude is asking to watch a show and I am thinking, "What the crap was I thinking giving-up the tv?"

I gently ask Jude to please go back to his room and read a book quietly or play quietly with his toys just for 10 minutes.

Jude loudly shouts, "But I'm hungry!"

I gently (and probably with my eyes still closed) say, "Then you can go get a banana and then go play quietly in your room."

Jude runs out of my room and returns 17 seconds later and loudly explains, "But those bananas are (extra loudly on this part) DIS-GUST-ING!"

I desperately plead/whine, "Please honey, just go play for a few minutes and then I will make you breakfast."

Jude runs off to his bedroom and I sleepily give a sigh of relief, pray for two more peaceful moments of sleep and naively start to drift off.

I begin to hear loud sounds of crashing and banging coming from Jude's room.

A plea of desperation is all I can muster and I yell out to Jude, "Honey, what are you doing? You are supposed to be playing quietly so you don't wake up your sister."

Jude promptly and confidently replies, "But I'm playing with my light saber."

Of course he is.

I groggily remind him, "You need to play with something else or read a book."

I hear the light saber drop to the ground and I am momentarily relieved. That was premature relief, of course.

Jude grabbed his "Bop-It" game and for the next few minutes I lay in bed plotting and thinking of my next move to the rhythm of "Pass it! Pull it! Bop it! Shout it! Da-da-duh!"

When all hope within me for a few last moments of shut-eye is crushed, I drag myself out of bed, throw my robe on and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I realize about a minute later that Jude has finally become quiet and is contently reading a book. I take my time and neti-pot and remove the leftover makeup from under my eyes. Jude is still quiet. I check my email and read some news. Still quiet.

He is a genius. And I'm thankful for an early start. Also, Noelle is still asleep.


  1. Our Brinsley is a perky, perky girl starting at 6 am or earlier every day. It sucks, but she's so dang sweet at that hour. It's crazy. She VOLUNTARILY cleans at that hour. That might be one you want to try, the "can you be a huge help and..." line :)

  2. I only have Saturday-early risers...of course. I drag them out of bed for school and church, but Saturdays they are up crazy early. At least they know how to turn on cartoons. Sweet little Macy though likes to come to my side of the bed and has to pee and yells " I want breakfast!!!!" "Make me breakfast mama...pleeeeaaase". Yeah. Sleeping in? What is that?