Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Baby Raised By Dogs

I know that I post frequently about Jude's, well...quirks.  He just gives me such dang good material, what's a mama gonna do?

My darling girl gives me plenty of "blog-worthy" material, but since she's 8.5 going on 15, she often shouts at me, "Don't put that on facebook!" or "Mommy, I beg of you, please do not blog about this!" and I grit my teeth and vow to not tell the entire world about her cuteness that may slightly embarrass her somewhere in the future.  (Gavin and I often have that same conversation...)

Today, I couldn't resist saving for posterity something that may embarrass her slightly when she's 13, but will make her proud when she is 25 and thank me someday that I took a bajillion photos and wrote about it for all to see and the memory to be saved (let's all hope and pray that's how it all works out).  Also, I begged her to let me blog about it and after my 2nd attempt at persuading her, she said "Sure."  Victory for mommy!

I walked into her room and found Noelle in an elaborate set-up and asked her what exactly was going on with the storyline...

This will forever be known as "The Greatest Dollhouse In The Entire World" and will give you a glimpse into the sweet and hilarious mind of my girl.

(Please, forgive the iphone pics - I was desperate to capture this quickly - before she changed her mind!)

See that herd of animals out in front of the house?  The Dalmatian is the boss, the Lion is chatting and they are at war and plotting their next move...

Against these guys!  It's mammals vs. bugs and lizards!  Yikes!

Notice anything strange about this house?  Hmm...where are those people I bought her that are supposed to live here?

Oh!  There you are!  Tossed in the corner like...something you toss in the corner because you don't want to play with it anymore. (At this point I heard my kids yelling back and forth "This house is for humans!" -Jude  "No, it's for animals!" - Noelle.  Repeat that about 25 times and you'll get the idea.)

Well, I did find one human involved.  See that little baby there amongst the doggies?  I asked her what that was all about and Noelle told me that the baby was being raised by the dogs...phew.

This is my favorite room in the house.  Who knows what's goin' on in here?
Let's all pause and watch the monkey go #2.

The "Party room" - although it looks like that leopard may have partied a little too hard...

The "Nursery" for all of the tiny/baby human babies allowed!  You must be raised by dogs!

All of the flowers that used to decorate the outside front of the house are now used to feed the "Horse room"...

And don't forget the dinosaur landing...

Don't be fooled by that Army guy, he's no human - he's been shot and is now just a toy for that elephant.
The pigs lounge on the couch and watch tv with the doggy...probably real housewives, I'm guessing.

The giraffe was holding that dog up so he could see because he was in the back and too small to see the lion talking in the front.  Ahh, sweet giraffey.

All in all, I think my kid has too many animal figurines.

Poor, poor human figurines.  Rest in peace.


  1. This is so hilarious, Patty! This sounds like a great plot for a picture book -- the animals take over the doll house! (I think you'd have to leave out the part about the humans being killed, though.)

    My Sophie is out playing with her dollhouse right now. It is not as big or as animal-infested as yours, however. :)

    Happy mommying!

  2. Oh, that is a GREAT idea Amy! I'm thankful that Sophie's dollhouse isn't as big or as infested at will qualify for an episode of "Hoarders" here soon.

  3. Love this!! Love that girl. I am pretty sure we'll have pictures to compare in a few years...

  4. Oh, I hope you do get to experience the joys of an animal hoarder too, Amy and JT! :-)