Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Curry Experiment

As I've said before, my husband is a FANTASTIC cook.  Everything he makes turns out amazing and delicious.  I love it when he cooks for me.  The thing is though, he is very slow and very messy in all things kitchen.  But again, it all turns out very delicious.

I may have also shared my love for Trader Joe's before, eh?  It's the kind of magical love affair/obsession that you read about in...well, blogs.  Well, one of our favorite, favorite, favorite items from TJ's is their curry simmer sauce.  We use it often, buy it often and I do believe I could eat it everyday and never, ever in a billion years grow tired of it.  I love it so much because it is that darn yummy.

There are two different ways we cook our frequent "curry dinner" here at the Brem home.  "The Mommy Way" and "The Daddy Way" end up with similar results (one slightly tastier and one way quicker and less messy).  I decided this evening to try "The Daddy Way" and see what all the hubbub was about.  I now understand why it takes so much longer and requires more clean-up, but I still managed to keep the dishes to a minimum and don't understand the need to mess up an entire kitchen for this delectableness.

Here are the two versions:

The "Mommy Way"
*Throw some frozen chicken breasts in a saute' pan that has a lid
*Dump entire contents of jar of curry sauce on frozen chicken and turn on medium heat
*Put lid on and walk away/clean house/scold children/hang-out for 10 minutes
*After 10 minutes, dig through fridge/freezer and toss whatever vegetables you find (frozen or fresh!) into the pan with the chicken, put the lid back on and return to activities.
*After about 10-15 minutes or whenever you feel like it return to kitchen and microwave the awesome Trader Joe's organic brown rice for 3 minutes
*During the 3 minutes that the rice is cooking, throw some paper plates on the table and cut-up the chicken that was in the pan.
*Put the chicken back in the pan and tell family it is time to eat.
*Wait 5 minutes for everyone to meander to the table and eat up! Yum-yum!

Prep/cook time 30 minutes
3 dishes used in prep (bowl for rice, pan for deliciousness, spatula to stir) + misc silverware to eat with

The "Daddy Way"
*Saute' chicken in olive oil in pan until mostly cooked through and browned, set aside (10-15 min)
*Chop up every vegetable you can find into tiny pieces (At least 5 or 6 different veggies PLUS potatoes) 10-15 min
*Saute' vegetables in olive oil, salt and pepper until potatoes are cooked through (15ish min)
*When you think veggies are cooked enough take them out of the pan and put them in a bowl
*Cut up the mostly cooked chicken and return it to the pan and add a little bit of sauce to the pan to finish cooking the chicken in
*When you think the chicken has cooked enough, return all veggies to the pan and add more sauce, mixing thoroughly.
*Cook the brown rice
*Forget to set the table and tell the starving family that dinner is ready.  Have wife set the table while kids lay on the floor hallucinating from hunger.
*Eat delicious dinner.
*Have wife clean up 9432983298 dishes

Prep/cook time: 60ish minutes
Dishes used: too many to count

*Gavin's dish does end up tasting better and is probably lower calories since he uses only about 1/2 bottle of curry sauce and he puts all of the love and care into the process. But mine still tastes yummy (although some of the veggies may be mushy) and is 1/4 of the effort.  Win?

Either way, it's yummy and you should buy the curry sauce and fall in love with it like I have.


  1. Gonna send Bill, my cook/husband, and email and tell him to stop by Trader Joe's and pick up some Thai Red Curray Sauce. He is also a big fan of olive oil, cutting up lots of veggies, and using every culinary tool and pan possible. Except when it comes to serving whatever he's made, when he uses one spoon, always slotted, for everything... Never heard of microwave brown rice! must have...

  2. Do it Nancy! You won't regret it. I especially love it with mushrooms and asparagus tossed in...I'm drooling.

  3. I just bought curry paste at Cost Plus and it has a little recipe on back and it was maybe the best thing we've eaten in months, and we eat really well :) In fact, if you guys are ever up here, I will make it for you.

  4. Carina, was it the green curry? We bought a green curry paste from World Market and like it, but haven't found an awesome way to use it yet. Pass the info along, lady! :-)