Friday, July 8, 2011

The Return Of The Slam

The Giants

Our family has become obsessed,
With the baseball team that is the best.

"Fear the Beard" and "Pat the Bat",
Are common phrases where we live at.

Buster, Aubrey, Panda and Tim,
We shout their names and pray they win.

Our home is filled with orange and black,
and sunflower seeds are a common snack.

Rowand's wiggly batting stance,
Makes us giggle with every glance.

When Wilson steps onto to the mound,
In awe we watch him throw his rounds.

Vogelsong and Cain we love to see,
and lots of K's and Win's from Madison B.

With Miguel Tejada and Cody Ross,
You'd think they'd never get a loss.

We sit in tension and watch and pray,
As walk-offs happen nearly every day.

I now have come to understand,
The torture it is to be a fan.

Cutest fans ever...

Will Clark Jersey for Father's Day...

Fear the Beard...

The night the Giants won the World Series!

Made it to the game last night with our amazing friends Joel and Deana and this is the best photo we could get...
and I LOVE it...

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