Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Explanation

So, I read this book recently called "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years" (I know that book titles are supposed to be underlined, but I'm not really smart enough to figure out how to do that in blogger). This is the book that led me to take a break from blogging, drive out to the beach 20 minutes before sunset to watch the sun come down over the water with my kids, order a burger made with donuts for buns, not allow my children to watch morning cartoons and read more books in one month than I've read in the last couple of years combined. We've been trying to "live a better story" since reading that book and I highly recommend it (both the book and the life living).

Here are a few random notes from this past month that I know you are dying to hear:

*Bindi is almost 3 and is slightly less of a pain of a doggie.
*If you feed children chinese food for dinner, they will in fact, be hungry 1 hour later. Its not a myth.
*Bacon on S'mores is delicious.
*Cold Pinot Grigio is the perfect beverage on a hot evening.
*My children have become a great disappointment to me due to their lack of enthusiasm for roller coasters.
*I absolutely have the power to manipulate my children to ride things that they are deathly afraid of, but I choose to wield that power wisely.
*It is SO much fun to have friends visit.
*Restaurants featured on Food Network shows may not necessarily be awesome.
*Cute things sold at boutique stores in tourist towns for big bucks can sometimes be found at Marshalls for small bucks.
*Keeping a surprise trip to Disneyland a secret from my kids is extremely difficult for me.
*All amusement park food is not created equally.
*Jude is the funnest person in the history of the world to watch a baseball game with.
*When the camera company says that its going to take 5 to 7 days to repair a camera, what they really mean is that it is going to take 3 weeks.
*Twitter is really fun, but would be way funner if more of my friends were on there (get on there!)

Here are a smattering of photos from the past month (all on my iphone since my dumb camera took so dang long to get fixed at the dumb factory) .

Bacon cheeseburger with Donut Buns

Heavenly Bruschetta (Recipe is coming!)

Noelle tightrope walking in the park

Beautiful Veggie Tacos

Giving me a heart attack at Lover's Point

Jude "helping" with selling cattle

Saw my sister on TV!!!

Tormenting me with their disdain for the coasters

A fun visit from the Fletcher's

Bacon S'mores...drool

Giraffe spots = freckels?

Apparently, whales like Jello

S'mores on the beach and on the forehead

Jude's grill at the Giants game

U2 concert with the Zippo app

1st attempt at fishing

Chili cook-off = Best.Decision.Ever.

Failed attempt to catch a crawdad

Goodbye to the Pilot!

Happy Father's Day to YOU!

1st Cavity

Gav WINNING the 4th of July "Bucket Brigade" contest

A restaurant in my hometown caught on fire and I was there to not lend a hand, but to take cell phone photos!

Lots of cows waving goodbye to the ranch

The STATS for last month
3 Giants games attended
2 amusement parks visited
1 stand-up comedy show attended
9 out of town guests
1 chili cook-off
1 car sold
1 car purchased
1 cavity filled
1 incredible U2 concert attended
1 hometown restaurant seen burning down
1 last minute trip to the Northwest for a family funeral
1 weekend trip to Tahoe
1 overnight trip to Sonoma/Napa
Hundreds of hours saved from watching TV
Dozens of hours spent watching/listening to Giants games
25 baby frogs held in one hand by Noelle
0 frogs held in hands of Jude
1 time being spotted on TV
1 time spotting my sister and nephew on TV
A billion calories consumed
A couple of spats/disagreements with family members
Many beautiful days of sunshine
Many, many adventures
Lots of books read
Lots of Vitamin D absorbed

=1 family living a better, less boring story!

Now, you're all caught up!


  1. I applaud you, I am a little bit jealous, and I don't want you to leave the bloggy world again. Amen.

  2. A Million Miles is one of Jen and my favorites.

  3. Thanks for encouraging us to have intentional-like fun. Too often, it's easy to take our family, our time, summer sunshine, and God's creation for granted. And bacon makes everything better.

  4. "live a better story"...i love that. i had just (sadly) resolved that you were probably never going to blog again, and then, voila! here you are! welcome back! thanks, also, for commenting on/following this newbie. :)

  5. That was an amazing book. Thank you for reminding me.