Saturday, July 23, 2011

That One Time When I Was In A Rap Video

Yeah, no bigs.  I got to be in a rap video.

Me.  A 33 year-old, mother.

When a 33 year-old mom gets asked to be in a rap video, the answer should ALWAYS be an emphatic, screaming, shouting "YES!"...just FYI.

My friend Sarah, from Dreaming In Color works for an AMAZING video production company here in California called MasterWerks and they were filming a music video for a guy named Michael Pompeo these last couple of days and I was lucky enough to get to play a minor role in the video!  I threw on my most boring/therapisty looking outfit, tossed on my glasses and headed to the shoot yesterday!

This was WAY out of my comfort zone and I worked VERY hard not to burst out laughing at myself and follow the directions for the 1.5 hours of time I spent with the MasterWerks crew.  Not laughing at yourself is hard work.  When the final video is out, you'll probably notice that I'm real shiny, as in "I'm REAL sweaty".  Those lights are HOT to work under.  Woe is me.

I was supposed to play the role of a therapist to Michael and was pretending to write things down as he talked to me and most of what I wrote was, "I'm hot.  I'm so hot.  HOT.  Wow.  I can't believe I'm doing this.  I'm SO hot."  Real stuff, people.  Real stuff.

When the guys offered to show me the footage they shot of me nodding, writing and pretending to be confused and listening, I couldn't bring myself to watch it.  I'll just wait for the final product. I'm sure I'll look drab, therapisty and shiny in the final-cut and I'm sure lookin' forward to it.  

All in all, it was such a fun experience and I'm so glad to check "be in a rap video" off of my bucket list.
Definitely, living a better story.  :-)

Here's me and Michael, the rapper dude.

This is where my "scene" took place...

My best "therapisty" look...taken by Gavin before I left home...

If you have a chance, check-out some of Masterwerks' videos.  I was SERIOUSLY impressed and wishing they were around WAY back in the olden days when I got married.  They're AMAZING!  
Here's a link to a video they did that I LOVED:

This is serious stuff, yo.  I'm legit now, right?  Wassup?!
Sorry, got away from myself for a second...


  1. Even at your most "therapist-y" you look hot. I'm afraid you may distract from the rapper dude.

  2. Oh, you lucky duck! This is absolutely on my bucket list ... though actually, I think I phrased it, "I want to be an extra in a movie." But a therapist in a rap video, that's so much better! Oh man, you have to post it when the video comes out!!

    And yes, lady, you're definitely HOT! ;)


  3. Oh, you guys are too nice to me. "Hot" is not the look I was going for, but I'll take it!

    Amy, I totally want to be an extra in a movie! Once, I got to be in a commercial...let me see if I can find it somewhere. :-)

  4. Just to let you know, I read this a week ago and totally thought that I commented on it. haha Shows how scattered I am! Thank you so much again for your willingness and excitement in playing therapist for us. You were awesome - and I'm sorry I wasn't more on top of the shiny thing! Days like that I question why I don't bring my make-up bag everywhere. haha it WAS hot under those lights! We'll let you know when the finished product is ready so that you can post it for your readers =)