Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome to "Big Week"

Today kicks off "Big Week" here in Salinas which leads into the big Salinas Rodeo (pronounced ro-day-o - and you WILL get corrected if you pronounce it ro-dee-oh, I guarantee it). The first big event of Big Week is the Kiddie Kapers parade and we have participated the last couple of years. The kids from all over town dress-up in their cowboy/cowgirl gear or costumes and decorate their bikes/wagons/electric cars and make their way along the parade route through Old Town while thousands of people clap and cheer and make them feel like rock stars. It's one of the times that I appreciate living in a small town and we have a had rootin' tootin' time the last couple of years during the Ro-day-o festivities.

This year, Noelle has decided to decorate her own scooter all by herself and will wear her normal ranch gear (boots, jeans, cowboy hat, western shirt) and go as her normal cowgirl self through the parade. Jude, Gavin and I (parents are encouraged to dress up if they are walking the route with their kiddos) are throwing on our Giants gear in honor of the World Series champs - and in honor of Jude's obsession with the Giants. We've definitely put more effort into the decorating of the bikes than previous years (last year, I just tied Jude's "Woody" doll to the front of his bike and called it "good") and I'm feeling kinda proud of my uncraftiness today.

No joke, I turned a Toy Story bike helmet into a "Brian Wilson" faux-hawk look-alike (for those of you who aren't Giants fans, he's one of the pitchers. And I think he may be a little crazy. Or a lot, who knows?). I think I did, at least. A little bit of duct tape, a needle and thread, an old sock, some black fabric from an old apron and some cardboard and VOILA - helmet turned faux-hawk! (The kids are required to wear helmets on the parade route and Toy Story didn't match the Brian Wilson outfit, duh.)

Also, we will be painting a black beard on Jude this evening. Good times folks, good times.

Brian Wilson look-alike...

Looks just like him, huh?

Spittin' image, by golly!

Bike all decorated and ready to go...

Noelle's scooter is ready to go!

See you at the Ro-day-0!

P.S. - This is how Gavin spent his afternoon...torturing the children.

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