Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Mom School

Noelle started school a few days ago at a new elementary school this year.  It's a long story...and I'm still homeschooling Jude and Noelle loves her new school which is about a 10 minute drive from our house.  We are on day #3.

I am going to call Noelle's new school, "Hot Mom School" from here on out because I think 99% of the mom's that I see at drop-off and pick-up time are hot.  I have friends who have kids that attend "Hot Mom School" and I had previously just thought that I happened to have pretty friends.  It must have something to do with the water out there or something because I am telling you, there are a lot of hot mom's at that school.

Yesterday, I dropped Noelle off at school while wearing my running clothes, hoping to get a run in sometime after homeschooling Jude and before Noelle's pick-up time.  "Running clothes" for me consisted of a pair of 9 year old stretchy yoga pants that have a "bell-bottom" look to them and have lasted me through both pregnancies (remember, my kids are 7 and 8), a 5 year old t-shirt that is bright green that I got from a high school mission trip to Mexico, a messed-up sports bra that makes a couple of things look slightly crooked/off-kilter (trust me) and my dirty running shoes that have lasted me through 4 half-marathons and all of the training for those.  Not necessarily "hot mom" material.

I wasn't terribly worried about my outfit and felt no insecurity about it at morning drop-off.  In fact, I barely paid attention to what anyone else was wearing anyway as I distractedly walked Noelle to class, guzzling coffee from my travel tumbler all while attempting to keep Jude out of the landscaping.

However, I did notice the "hot mom phenomenon" at pick-up time while I was still in my frumpy running clothes and hadn't actually made it on my run yet.  (I did get one in later though!)

I wasn't the only one in running/exercise gear at pick-up time, but I was pretty sure that I was the ONLY one who didn't look like they had stepped out of a magazine ad for Nike.  I saw MANY mom's in tiny, cute, tight workout outfits, brightly colored, some even sweaty from their recent workout and all looking very beautiful.  I looked sweaty and I hadn't even worked-out yet, it was just hot out and I looked like I had been for a run already.  One "hot mom" was even stretching outside of the school in her tiny, pink, spandexy tank-top and cute, tight capri running pants.

It made me rethink that one time I dropped Noelle off at school in my bathrobe when she was in 1st grade.

Mostly, it made me realize that it might be time for some new running pants.


  1. stretching on the front lawn of school? hilarious! (and a little show-offy.) maybe all of you hot moms need to start a little jogging club! :)

  2. My gosh, Lynden is the same... everyone is READY for the day! At 9 AM! Today, I went up to check the list to see which teachers my kids had... I was in a swimsuit w/ a wild skirt... and everyone else was TOGETHER. I felt a little silly. Oh well! I just had fun at the lake with my kids, we weren't inside with the A/C... right?