Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I HATE Third Grade

I took Noelle out on a little "date" last Tuesday as a celebration of her last day of summer / first day of school starting.  Gavin took Jude up to the Giants game in San Francisco for a little "Man Time", so I had to take advantage of time alone for a little "girl time".  I have many mixed emotions about last Tuesday.

We started off the morning with a bit of exercise and I ran along the coast as Noelle pedaled her pink bike next to me.  I couldn't help but think about what a fabulous moment we were having, cruising through the beautiful scenery and stopping to look at the otters playing in the water.  I almost cried because, a) I'm cheesy like that about my kids, b) I had dreamed of the day my kids were fast enough on their bikes to run with them and c) She still has streamers attached to her handlebars and I LOVE it and hope she never grows out of it, but I'm SO afraid she's gonna cut them off in my sleep.

After our jaunt along the coast, we had lunch at Chipotle and she ORDERED AN ADULT BURRITO...ALL BY HERSELF...NO HELP FROM ME...NOT OFF OF THE KIDS MENU...
She didn't eat it all, but still.  I think I hate that she is not a baby.

We then headed to a movie.  If you haven't seen Spy Kids 4Dsomethin' or other, you are missin' out!  If you have the sense of humor of a 10 year-old, like I do, then you'll love it.  If you don't, you probably shouldn't go, or plan on napping.  My girl was laughing hysterically at every poop and fart joke, which made me laugh hysterically too, of course.  She gets it from her father, though.

After the movie, Noelle wanted to browse the mall.  I think she's 15 about now.  While perusing the jewelry at Claire's, Noelle saw a rack of "Best Friend" necklaces.  Ya know, those necklaces that look like a broken heart, but each friend in the best friend couple gets half?  My bff Maria and I had a set in 7th grade and my half said, "Be Fri" and hers said "st ends".  Rad, huh?

At Claire's, amongst the BF rack was a Mother/Daughter set and Noelle asked if we could get it.  MELT ME.  A bunch of rational thoughts briefly ran through my head like, "Should I really spend 12 bucks on a piece of silver plastic?" and "Is that cheesy?" and "Will I ever really wear this again?"  And then I had to restrain myself from yelling, "YES!" with great enthusiasm while holding back sobs of delight.  Yes, my sweet girl who I consider locking in your bedroom until you are 30, I will buy you and I best friend mother/daughter necklaces and I shall wear it proudly showing what a great mom I am and how much you love me that you want to declare it to the world!!!!

I quietly purchased the necklaces and we put them on as soon as we walked out of the store.  We meandered around the mall, holding hands, smelling candles at Bath and Body Works, drinking Starbucks and just looking around.  I asked her if she was having fun on our date.  Then she informed me that it's weird that I called it a "date" and could I just say that we were "hanging-out"?  Uh...ok.  I may have sulked a tiny bit, but then I saw my Mother Of The Year necklace and it perked me right back up.

We went home and I was filled with pride and joy as we got changed to go meet some friends of ours that evening, and I proudly kept my necklace on.  We drove to the park where we were meeting our friends and just before we got of the car, Noelle took off her necklace and handed it to me.  She said she didn't want it to get lost, but I know that it was because she was a little worried that her friends might say something about it.  They probably wouldn't have even noticed it.

I kept mine on.

 Proof that she wore it...

Here's my silvery, plastic prized possession...

3rd grader

I'm already dreading when she turns 9.


  1. Ack! I can't even imagine having a 9 year old. I can so relate - I find myself getting weepy in the middle of perfect moments. Noelle is adorable - hold onto that necklace! :)

  2. I love your gushing heart of love for your kids. Reminds me of how much Jesus loves us! I am jealous about the necklace. Maybe I can coax Deborah to get one cause her birthday is in 8 days. :) Thanks for sharing your heart. Isn't it wierd that we cannot stand our kids growing up? Love ya! Casey L.

  3. I love the way you cherish your kids! You are one of my favorite moms ever.

  4. Third grade was awesome! Oh the memories!