Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm An Old White Lady

This post may make me sound like a jerk, or just really naive and dumb...forgive me.

I live in a town that has a lot of Hispanic influence and a lot of Hispanic people.  I actually love it.  And I REALLY love the food that comes along with living here.  But me, the "old white lady" can sometimes have embarrassing experiences from having not grown-up with such diversity.  

For example...
I sell lots of stuff on craigslist.  If it has been around too long and I haven't used it, I sell it on craigslist.  If it makes my garage look too cluttery, I sell it on craigslist.  If I don't like it anymore, I sell it on craigslist.  My kids often say, "Please, don't sell it!" in regards to many of their favorite things.  Don't worry, I don't sell (much) of their stuff.
Anyways, I'm also very careful about who I deal with during craigslist transactions.  I don't usually let male buyers come to pick-up or purchase things at our house unless Gavin is home.  I'm a little more lenient when dealing with ladies though, and often meet-up with them while Gavin is at work.
So, a couple of days ago I received an email and made arrangements for someone to come and pick-up a patio set that we no longer needed.  Of course, "old white lady" (ME) assumed that I was dealing with a lady and when a man showed-up I dumbly said, "Oh, you must be Jamie's husband!" and he replied, "No, I'm Jaime." (pronounced "Hi-may" for all of the rest of you dumb people like me).  Whoops.  I forgot where I lived for a moment.  Thankfully, Jaime was super nice and loved the patio set that he was picking up for him and his wife's new house.

When Jude was still in public school, he had a classmate named Jesus (pronounced "Hay-soos" for all of you dumb people like me).  I volunteered in Jude's class a lot and became familiar with Jesus and all of his cuteness.  One day, I was reading my Bible and automatically read "Hay-soos" when I saw the name "Jesus".  I had a good giggle and confidently felt like a true resident of Salinas after that.

Adios amigos!

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