Friday, August 19, 2011

Mama Is Slow Sometimes

Last night, I was 2.56 miles into my 3 mile run on my treadmill when Noelle gleefully burst into the garage and calmly explained that Jude had been injured.  I quickly hopped off of the treadmill and made my way into the house where Jude was making noises sounding like a mixture of wailing cats and a fire engine siren.  Also, he paused between cat wails/siren screams to look into the sky, raise his hands in the air and yell, "My toys have flown to Maaaaaaaars!"

I was baffled.

In between shouting at Jude, "Are you okay? What happened?" and giving stern/angry/confused looks at Noelle, I was trying to piece together what in the freaking world was happening?

I examined Jude and found no blood, so that was good.

As Jude continued blubbering about his toys being gone and wailing over the mystery injury, I desperately snapped at Noelle "Where are his toys?" knowing fully that she'd done something to them.  Noelle covered her mouth and with a giant grin whispered, "They're in my room!"

Of course.  I quipped to Jude, "Your toys are in Noelle's room!" thinking that I had just solved the greatest mystery of all time and turned to head back to finish my .44 miles remaining on my run.

I was so very, very wrong.

Instantly, Noelle turned into a heap of sobs and began saying things like, "Noooooo!" and "You ruined the surpriiiiiiise!!!" and "Jude's toys are rescuing Crockyyyyyy!" and fell on the floor in a heap of messy tears.

I was stunned/confused/wishing I had locked the garage door before I had started my run.

Finally, I figured it out...I think.

Jude has recently fallen in love with a rubber crocodile toy that he has adorned with the most creative name in the universe, Crocky.  I know, right?
Yesterday, we went to visit my sister and nephews and niece and Jude accidentally left Crocky at their house.  I called my sister on the way home and made vague arrangements for us to be reunited with Crocky and told the kids we would get him back in the next couple of days.
In an elaborate set-up (seriously, it took at least an hour) Noelle had taken a bunch of Jude's action figures,firetrucks and stuffed animals on a journey through the front yard, backyard, trampoline and house on a mission to rescue Crocky.  She then hid all of the toys in her closet, told Jude they were flying to Auntie's house on the rescue mission and would return with Crocky the next day (when she planned to reunite Jude with all of his toys as if they actually had gone and rescued Crocky from my sister's house).

This was kind of a big deal and I had really screwed it up.

And it was pretty darn sweet, if you ask me.

Mama is slow sometimes.

Thankfully(?), Jude never found the toys in Noelle's room and is still under the impression that they are going to soon return with Crocky.  I joined in with the shenanigans and said something like, "Oh yeah, I forgot that they went to save Crocky!"  I'm real smooth like that.

Auntie, you better get Crocky here, stat - Or you're dealing with the sobbing sirens/wailing cats next time...

Running 3 miles still counts even if it's broken up into multiple parts with many minutes in between, right?


  1. Hahahaha, awesome! Way to ruin in Mama. :) What a good sister she is. Your kids are SO creative.

  2. That is so sweet! Very Toy Story :)

  3. Love it!! I totally LOL'd at Jude yelling to the heavens.