Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think I might just be a real baseball fan

Welp, Fantasy Baseball ended for me yesterday with a lovely punch in my face.  I lost.  In the finals.  TO MY FRIEND WHO NEVER CHECKS ON HER TEAM.  I might be slightly disappointed.

Although I won't claim to know everything about baseball, I learned A TON this year and I am so grateful that I got to experience this addiction that my husband has suffered from for the past few years for myself.

AND, I confess, it was really pretty darn fun.

AND I can hold my own in conversations about baseball now and not feel like an idiot.

AND I actually paid attention while watching games with my husband rather than flipping through magazines or checking facebook.  All right, I still did those things, but WAY less than I used to.

AND my husband thinks I am amazing.

I caught myself checking in on my fantasy baseball team (and sometimes praying for them) a couple of times a day and even found myself listening to sports talk radio when Gav wasn't in the car.  I have the fantasy baseball app on my iphone alongside the app.  Oh boy, this may be the real deal.

I've always enjoyed going to baseball games (and eating my way through them), but this year I actually watched the games that we went to and even watched the games on TV when Gavin wasn't even home!  Oh man.  I've become someone that I never imagined I would be.  A baseball fan.

At least I can no longer be accused of being a poser when I wear my Giants or Mariners gear.  Because being accused of being a poser is the worst.

Also, does anyone besides me actually use the word "poser" anymore?  I think I learned it in 7th grade and it was quite possibly one of worst things to be called back then.  On that note, please also never call me a "scrounge".  Thank you very much.

Go Giants and Mariners in 2012!


  1. Totally laughed about you praying for your teams. Also, you have inspired me to pay more attention to football season (a.k.a. the 5 months I pretend to understand 80% of the conversations I have with my husband). I actually enjoyed it when we were dating and then it totally wore off. I am learning from you, Patty!

    And pretty sure you're the only one who still says poser.

  2. when i read your little paragraph about not being a poser, i thought to myself, "huh, i haven't heard anyone use that word in such a long time. kudos, patty, kudos." and then i read your next paragraph, and laughed out loud...hahaha! and then i typed myself laughing and then i put a smiley face. :)