Friday, September 2, 2011

Right Up My Alley

My friend Carina recently started doing this on Fridays and I LOVE it.

I am constantly forgetting my "real" camera and end up taking millions of photos with my iphone.  Here is my week in cell phone pics...

My house was all clean.
I turned my back for 2 minutes and went into the kitchen.  
The girl struck again.
 Apparently, the "pets" wanted to watch a show...

This is what happens when the girl plays with the firefighter from the Hero Squad. 
 I hope he's enjoying his cocktail!

The FAIR is here!  
Jammie bought Noelle a giant ice cream followed by a giant lemonade 
and then let her go on a bunch of rides.  
An 8 year old's dream come true...

See that little dolphin Jude is holding?  
Yeah, that cost TEN bucks and had a hole in it before we even got home.  
Worth every penny because Jude believes he won it by popping a few balloons with darts...

I'm in this "use everything we have in the fridge and cupboards before I go grocery shopping again kick" and this is what I made on Wednesday and it was AMAZING.  
Red beans and rice made with leftover turkey taco meat. 
 I'm drooling just thinking about it...
(Here's the recipe - I substituted yellow pepper for green and ground leftover turkey for kielbasa -

I love this SO much.
 It looks like he's going 40mph, but he's really going 2mph...

Back 2 School night for Noelle was last night.
I had to guess which of these little people was her.
 I guessed right.
The tie-dye shirt gave it away...
life rearranged

Happy Weekend!  Woe is me, I'll be in Disneyland come Sunday...


  1. luv it when its Fair time here too. our daughter shows goats and its just around the corner!!

    luv the pics!!!

  2. Yay - so excited you did this. That photo of the couch is a.mazing. Seriously, in love.

  3. Love how all of the animals are lined up to watch a show! Too cute!

    {stopping by from life rearranged!}

  4. Wow I want that ice cream bar so bad :) Giving me sweet tooth cravings...can you tell I'm on a diet? ha. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend.

  5. Disneyland.....! Have a blast!

  6. The Morris Fam - Thank you! Love your blog!

    Carina - Thanks for the idea!

    Anna - Thanks! I only wish this wasn't a regular occurrence...

    Lauren - I'm drooling now too just thinking about it.

    Maria - Will do! BFF!! Can't wait till we get to do D-land together someday!