Monday, September 19, 2011

That One Mama I Might Know

Once upon a time there was a Mama who got ahead of her to-do list.

That Mama actually got a workout AND shower before noon.  It was a Christmas miracle happening in September.

That Mama grabbed a towel out of her freshly filled linen closet before she got into the shower (all of the laundry was done - another Christmas miracle!).

Expecting a hot, relaxing shower, the Mama was a bit surprised when the hot water ran out quicker than expected.  This Mama that I'm talking about lives in a rental house that maybe hasn't been taken super good care of by the owners...and maybe the hot water tank has multiple personalities that maybe sometimes burns the skin off your hands by how hot the water runs and then the next day only offers you 4 minutes of lukewarm water for your shower.

Anyways, this particular Mama wasn't going to allow a lukewarm shower ruin the productivity high that she was feeling that day.

That Mama that I'm talking about finished her shower and grabbed the freshly laundered towel and proceeded to dry off her face with vigor.  And then she smelled it.  The towel smelled like barf.  It didn't smell like "left in the dryer too long", it actually smelled like barf.

This Mama tried not to gag as she flew through the catalog of her memory searching for the last time someone in her household had barfed, and lo and behold, she remembered that this particular towel had been the one used to catch that particular hurl.

Apparently, that Mama's washing machine isn't workin' so well, either.

And that Mama got to spend a bit more time showering in lukewarm water and doing laundry that day.

The End