Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well, haven't we taken a nice little break?  The truth is, I've been a bit distracted lately.  I know you're all just DYING to be all caught up on life with the Brem fam, aren'tcha?  I know, I know.  I'll do my best.
Bear with me, there will be a story about poop at the end of this...

DISTRACTION #1 (And the very best one, of course!)

This little munchkin decided to make an early appearance, so all other plans and schedules for our lives were immediately thrown out the window and we hopped on planes and in cars and made our way to Tacoma for some cuddle time.  I want to put my face on those cheeks this very second.  

Hi Owen!!

I can't believe Mochie is a Mama...

You can read about Moch, Jon and Owen here.
And their amazing photography website is here.


Tacoma and all things Tacoma-ish and Tacoma food related.

I seriously think I forgot what a real Fall looks like.  Super pretty - even with all of those cars lining the streets.  When you live in Tacoma, it is a luxury if to have a driveway and many houses do not.  Tacoma is still way rad. :-) 



While in Tacoma we got to hang-out with and mooch-off of some of our bestest friends in the whole wide world.  

We even got to visit the pumpkin patch with the cute Gentile girls, cute Noelle and freaky looking Jude... 

And Jude got a new girlfriend...

And I came to grips with the sad reality that fall is way funner in the Pacific Northwest than it is in California.  Sorry, California.  You lose...

And this is my new favorite photo of my kids.
Jude may be cute, but he sure can be a stinker sometimes...

Look how pretty my friends are!  On the left is my sweet friend, Nikki.  She and her family are moving TO AFRICA this January to work with an organization called Serving In Mission (SIM) and I was SO freaking happy that I got to spend a teensy bit of time with her before she left. Plus, it was Kerri's (hottie on the right) birthday!  Can't believe that I got to celebrate it with her. (Missed you, Kari!)

This might be in my top 5 favorite photos ever.  
My friend, Carina (far right with the always awesome hair) and her husband, Nick (with half a head) are in the process of adopting a little girl (EEEEE!!).  They had a fundraiser pancake breakfast thing to help offset some adoption costs.  Thanks to the perfect timing of Owen's early arrival, we got to be there!  Also, it was Gavin's bff, Brice's (the laughing praying man in the middle) birthday, so we got to celebrate with him and his wife, Julie (hot & sassy standing the middle).  We attempted to rally our SIX children to take a decent photo.  I'm sure there's a more posed one floating around somewhere, 
but I am in love with this one.  

And finally, a poop story...
Today, while at Noelle's soccer practice, Jude and I were having a grand ol' time.  We kicked the soccer ball around the field, invented a game on the playground equipment and finally went for a little walk to collect leaves for an art project we are going to attempt tomorrow.  First of all, I told him to pick "pretty" leaves and he picked up a pile of brown leaf parts in a desperate attempt to end quickly and head back to the playground.  I was on to him though.  He threw the pile down and begrudgingly began to look for intact leaves.  I was searching for my own leaves when I heard Jude say, "Mommy, what's this?".  He was holding up a semi-hardened dog log.  I couldn't yell quickly enough, but finally irked out, "POOOOP" and as he dropped it, it splattered on the ground.  We then made a beeline for the hand-sanitizer.  The end.

He's lucky I like him so much...

 And now, you're all caught-up on the Brem's! You're welcome!

 *Apologies to all of our favorite people that we hung-out with and didn't take pictures of.  We stink.  You deserve to be blogged about too.  Your time will come...


  1. I, for one, WAS DYING to see your post about Owen and Tacoma :) I also wanted to comment because I LOVE the picture of Jude snuggling with the dog. It melts my heart and reminded me why we want a dog again some day. -Crystal C

  2. Please, oh please, do NOT let your mom post on here about my poop story!