Friday, January 13, 2012

Bed-Head Revenge

It has taken me years and years to come to grips with my hair.  My hair and I used to be enemies and I do believe that at some point, we loathed each other.  I would do things to punish my hair, like "rat" it up to high-heaven or douse it in a chemical perm.  My hair would retaliate and turn bizarre yellowy colors and crinkle and frizz as payback.  We've come into a mutual understanding over the past handful of years and I would even dare say that most days, we even like each other.

In days past, my hair would sometimes cause me grief and frustration and on occasion, tears.  But these days, we have many good laughs together.  Especially in the mornings.

Upon waking, as I head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and neti-pot, I'm often disturbed and overcome with the hilarity my hair has become during my sleep.  It really does have a great sense of humor.  Of course, I have to take a photo and text it to my closest loved ones to help them start their day with joy and delight.  And I am certain to send the best ones to Gavin while he is away on work trips, just to make sure he knows what he's missin' at home.  I'm fairly certain none of my morning hair photos have caused much pain, sorrow or car accidents, but one can't be sure of everything...

I recently noticed my stockpile of amazing bed-head shots was quite substantial and I knew that the world would probably benefit greatly from seeing them and that keeping them all to myself would be pure selfishness.

I kinda think that my hair is still trying to pay me back for that time when I chopped it all off after a bad break-up with a boy.

Also, I would love to know if anyone can compete with the morning bed-head of a Brem...

(I honestly can't believe that I'm posting these.)

Taken April 25, 2011

Taken November 3, 2011

Taken November 4, 2011

Even Jude's bed-head is spectacular.

Taken December 5, 2011

Taken January 5, 2012

Taken December 21, 2011
Merry Christmas to you!

Taken this morning.
Hubba, hubba.

One more good one of the boy.

7th grade hair with my BFF, Maria.
I think I can see why my hair is on a mission for payback...


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it! You are funny. I like those bed head shots. And the funny thing is you still look pretty in them. I saw a lady the other day at a restaurant with her hair like that last pic of us...I tried not to stare, I really wanted to go talk to her. She needs someone to give her the truth.

    1. I would really love to see that lady!

  2. omg :) too funny! My hair is so FLAT... I would kill for some natural curl! The grass is always greener... :)

  3. oh mrs. brem, you have got me laughing out loud! maria is right, even with the spectacular bedhead, you still look cute. i'm trying to pick a favorite, but it's hard. maybe dec 5, 2011 and today?