Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Other Love Languages

Many years ago, I skimmed through a pretty popular book (back then) called "The Five Love Languages." This book talked about how people have a "love tank" that gets filled-up by specific things and each person has certain love languages that cause their personal tank to get full.

The love languages that it listed were:
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
Quality Time
Words of Affirmation

Although I would say that I do enjoy a smattering of the five of these, none of these specifically have ever "filled my love tank."  I've recently identified a few other love languages that Gary Chapman (the author of the book) forgot to mention in his book.

Here are my additions to the list and the things that truly make me swoon...

1. You let me shower and get dressed all by myself while YOU cooked breakfast and made sure the kids got dressed?
Be still my heart.  You might say that this falls into the "acts of service" department, but I disagree.  My husband could clean the house for me and it would not fill my tank, but let me get dressed AND showered in the morning?  A dream come true.

2.  You mowed the lawn without me asking?
Hubba hubba.  Again, you might want to categorize this into "acts of service," but I must disagree once again.  It is not the actual act of the lawn mowing that makes my heart skip a beat, but it is the fact that I didn't have to nag.  Nobody likes a nag and nobody likes to be a nag.

3.  You brought wine?
Bring me some wine and I will love you forever.  You might want to slide this into the "gifts" section, but I think it deserves a category all its own.

4.  You built something with your bare hands or chopped some wood or fought off a bad guy or dug a trench or some other super manly thing?
Nothing better than knowing your man is a manly man, in my opinion.

5.  You deviated from the grocery list and brought home a whole bunch of stuff we've never tried before and a bit of candy?
I love being surprised with food.  I love food.  I love trying new food.  I love eating food.  And cooking food.  And grocery shopping.  But I don't love taking little people to the grocery store that have to touch/grab/pick-up/rub something every second of their lives.  Husband who comes home from the grocery store with new foods to try AND I didn't have to chase anyone around the store?  That's what I call "winning."

*My husband wanted me to add this part:
For the record, my husband does all of these things all of the time.

My husband does all of these things, some of the time.

So there you have it, the real 5 love languages.  Maybe I should write a book?